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February 3 & 4, 2018 • Singing Bowls of the Himalayas: Singing Treasures • with Mitch Nur, PhD • Andover, MA

In this installment of the program we move deeper into the authentic uses of these instruments from the lands of their origin. We will further explore playing techniques, creating harmonic sets, the science behind the sound and the silence, working with one bowl, and more. Included in this workshop is a discussion on why they work with some people, and others they do not; and how to overcome this resistance. * Many programs on this subject 'assume' they work with everyone, but after over 4 decades, our research shows that there is an ever growing percentage of people who do not react positively to their sounds. Why is that? Learn how to overcome this resistance and restore balance. This program is dedicated to making you a very outstanding practitioner, and sharpening your skill set, as well as providing valuable information. Mitch will demonstrate various therapy techniques he's used over the years. Studying these techniques, gives the student a good base or foundation for their own practice.

➤ This program will run 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Program cost is $108, class size is limited to 20 students only.

About the presenter: Mitch Nur, PhD is regarded as the leading Western expert on the Singing Bowls, and is considered an ‘insider’ by Asian academics. He has studied and researched them for over 4 decades, living in the Himalayas and leading field studies in Nepal.

You Tube Video Link with Mitch Nur, PhD

→ For Consideration: Students are now paying from $1300 to $1800 for Singing Bowl Programs with basically the same amount of study hours. This program offers the opportunity to study for 1/2 to 1/3 the cost, with a instructor that has been teaching this subject for more years than all the other teachers combined.

Circles of Wisdom, 90 Main St., Andover, MA 01810 website


Mitch offers a demonstration with 'Harmonic Cups'


A demonstration with a Harmonic "Jambhati" set of Himalayan Singing Bowls.