Gong Theory and Play with Mitch Nur, PhD • WOOM Center • NYC, NY

January 16, 2019

A day long adventure into the world of Gongs, featuring a academic power point, combined with a selection of Gong types including a 52" Gong, that was recently commissioned in China for the use in a newly developed Gong Therapy protocol. This Gong begins it's soundscape in the first octave below the range of hearing - so you feel it, before you hear it. When it reaches the 2nd octave, it's resonant field reaches a level that has been clinically proven to stimulate neural pathways for people with diminished neural capacities. It's pressure wave creates a tactile experience which can only be explained as a 'aural embrace or sonic massage''; giving one insights on the physical body itself. Working with Gongs this size and frequency seems to promote clairaudience and an earwitness to what R. Murray Shaeffer in speaking about hearing "a way of touching at a distance" and a "tactile experience where hearing and touch meet", an intimate embrace of the soundscape itself.

Prepare to go deep into the world of Gongs, escorted by a pioneer in the field of Sound Therapy for nearly 5 decades, whom many refer to as the " Indiana Jones of sound healing." Different Gong styles will be featured, a review of 'essentials', Gong Talk/Gong Play, methods of attack, and Tonal Philosophy. This is considered a Master Class.

WOOM Center • 274 Bowery, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10012

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