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The Embrace of Luminant Simplicity • The Himalayan Singing Bowl Story

June 10, 2020 12pm - June 14, 2020 12pm

With Mitch Nur, PhD and Taunya Rivera of My Second Breath and Guests

This is NOT a 'sound healing' program - if you want to study that subject, review the 9ways Sonic Theology programs, or the Soundworkers Cookbook. This program addresses Himalayan Singing Bowls from the perspective of 'Subject' and 'Object'.

Dr. Mitch will show you, what he was shown from the Far East beginning in the early 1970's in the form of demonstrations and Oral Transmissions. He was given the name Men-ghak Rinchen by his Root Teacher which means - 'precious esoteric wisdom' after completing his Preliminary Practices. (the same training given to monks in the monastery) He is a Drup Shen Pa or Long Life Master in the lineage of Tsewang Ridgzin. Regarded as a Nagpa (lay priest) by many in the Nyingma and Bönpo communities. Studies and Empowerments too many to mention. Regarded as an 'insider' by Tibetan and Nepalese academics.


"Nearly 50 years ago I set off on an adventure, which would change the direction of my life. My interest in what soon was to become Tibetan Singing Bowls, began at the onset of the 1970’s at a time when I and a few of my friends were the few who had heard of them. This is a time before the internet and in order to learn about something in a far off land, it required going there. My studies then, focused on what was termed Para-Psychology, including shamanic conventions and out of body experiences induced by trance and music. When I arrived in India I had a small knowledge base of the Vedic culture, but my philosophical interests were on Buddhism and the scant academic leaning books by Evans-Wentz, Govinda, David-Neal, Watts, Günther, etc. that were available to American readers at that time. I felt ‘briefed’, and entered Nepal with the intention to getting to the bottom of these things called Tibetan Singing Bowls. In about 3 weeks time after countless talks with artisans in the handicraft industry of Kathmandu, no one could lead me to a Tibetan Singing Bowl or anyone who knew of their existence. I found this very odd, what I did not know at that time, was how long it would take to discover some version of the truth about them; their history, use, manufacturing sites, purposes, etc. What unfolded over the years was great friendships, meetings with remarkable men, and insights into things reserved for persons of high degree.

Now that I have put my research to paper after all these long years and listened and read all the experts, my story is a bit different. Possibly because I’m one of the few, if not the only researcher who has actually physically lived in the Himalayas and India, conducted Field Studies there, interviewed Lamas, artisans, shopkeepers, historians, shamans, and along the way picked up titles and names due to my personal studies in Bön and Buddhism with high Lamas and Tulku’s. I’m not here to prove anybody wrong about their ’stories’ about the Bowls, even though there’s overwhelming misinformation concerning them; but to reveal what my research points to. It would be easy for me to say that aliens brought them here through a tunnel from Taos Pueblo to the Potala of Tibet, and that there is magic and secrets a foot. Everyone knows that Tibet is full of secrets and that the Bowls are one of them. A story told by profit motivated Singing Bowl merchants across the world for years. The amazing thing is that the Nepalese and Tibetans are starting to believe it.

This program approaches the Bowls from a much different direction, entirely evidence based research and first hand accounts. This is not a 'show' to sell you bowls, or an enticement that you will walk away with super powers. But an opportunity to see the truth through the smokescreen of mass marketing and false opinions. A chance to rise above the misinformation, and to feel perfumed with actual useful instruction. Space is limited, this is the only running of this program prior to publication."

Taunya Laya Rivera has a Masters of Science in Education, a member of the Sound Healers Association, and is the Founding Director of My Second Breath Inc. She has been vibrating the harmonics of her authentic Himalayan Singing Bowls for over 26 years. Her dream to travel and do this work to harmonize lives of the planet became a reality. Taunya has facilitated group harmonic meditation sessions, private treatments, and instruction classes in the US, Caribbean, Asia, South America, Central America. Taunya facilitates retreats in various locations and free meditation sessions in New York’s Central Park. Her motto is, “Harmonize Your Essence, Renew Your Life”. Known as “Mama T”, was born into a family of natural musicians, teachers, and healers of African and Native American decent. She brings her heritage, education, spiritual practices, personal singing bowl techniques, and many years of study.

DETAILS: Retreat Fee does not include lodging or food. This deposit does 'reserve' on site lodging in fully furnished shared apartments (vegetarian only). Lodging is paid by check or cash only to the owner. Everything you would need (bank, health food store, cafes, etc) is within a 12 minute drive. If you fly in, please pass along your travel plans. Instructor can refuse entry to anyone to the program. No audio or video recording. Photos are encouraged. Remaining Balance is due upon arrival - cash, check, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo accepted. WiFi on site.

THERE ARE ONLY 12 beds onsite, so the first dozen to register reserve them. Dr. Mitch is limiting this to 18 persons.



All 9ways 'certified' Himalayan Singing Bowl students or Sonic Theology 'certified' students who wish to attend, are required to register by EMAIL.


Dr. Mitch at the Naga Temple in Bhaktapur, Nepal


Taunya Rivera


Dr. Mitch with the oldest Singing Bowl collector in Nepal near Nuwakot


Inside a Singing Bowl factory

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The Darbur in Patan, Nepal


The first Tibetan Monastery built in exhile, above the Doon Valley in Northern India